Tote Bag

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Tote Bag Carmen, Love is a bohemian child!

A beautiful cotton bag figuring the hand of the Gispy Carmen!

Olfactory score :

  • Cassie flower
  • Tobacco leavesr
  • Orange flower
  • Jasmine

Perfumer : Philippe Poissonnier


Near the ramparts of Seville, the scent of orange blossom is everywhere. Don José falls in love with Carmen, a sensual and rebellious gypsy, he is intoxicated by the scent of Cassie flower stuck to her corsage and tobacco leaves that she rolls on her legs at the cigar factory. The scent of a womanwho will face his destiny to remain free to love, until death. Love is a Bohemian child...

Tote bag in ORGANIC cotton labeled GOTS offers great contenance .

- 100% organic cotton, ecru colour
- GOTS BIO Label
- 38-42cm
- Long anses, Shoulder-worn
- Bag ironed with seams reinforced

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