Scented candles 100 % vegetable wax

Giving a scented candle is a delicate and symbolic gesture addressed to the person who will receive it. Romantic dinner, birthday, little attention to say thank you, the opportunities to offer a scented candle are not lacking.

Indeed, for centuries, the light of candles has reassured us by soothing the body and the mind. Used since antiquity as an offering to the gods, we find them nowadays in our homes, a benevolent flame that dances and burns itself creating a unique olfactory atmosphere.

To offer a scented candle is therefore to offer a moment of peace and serenity, a light that will continue to illuminate this place when we have left it, while adding a decorative touch to this interior.

Because UN SOIR A L'OPERA wants to offer you the best olfactive experience, we manufacture all our candles with very special care. Our candle maker respects the French tradition and creates a perfect harmony between the perfume, the wax and the cotton wick.

Our luxury candles - made of natural wax - will delight you with their elegant and original perfumes. Our candles are available in 4 sizes:

140gr, 180gr, 550gr and 1kg.

Whatever size you choose, our candles will offer you an irresistible olfactory experience.