Inspiration, a whole program...

There is a beautiful family story at the origin of the brand. The story of an opera singer from the Paris Opera who used to take her daughter with her on performance nights and hid her in the darkness of backstage. A transmission from mother to daughter of a universe in which the imagination is limitless and transcends reality.

Between the wings and the stage, a very small step is enough to go from shadow to light, from reality to the dreamlike universe of the theatre. From these fantastic universes where the magic operates at each show, I added to the musical notes, notes of perfumes, in a great freedom of olfactory interpretation, in order to share this emotion with you.

What about the inspiration... to sing well you learn to inhale deeply, to breathe correctly. To smell well, you must also inhale deeply as the perfume fills you. Filling your lungs, letting the air, music and perfumes fill you is what makes us alive, elevates us and makes us happy by sharing beauty and harmonies.

This collection of scented candles and room fragrances is an inspiring adventure that I am pleased to share with you.

Katia Gortchakoff