Which perfume to choose?

Which perfume to choose?

When it comes to creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere in our indoor space, few things can rival the charm of a scented candle or a reed diffuser. However, the choice can be challenging, whether you are selecting it as a gift or for yourself, given the vast array of options available.

We understand that choosing a scented candle or a scented bouquet is a highly personal decision. That's why we are here to guide you in the quest for the perfect fragrance.

Furthermore, we will introduce you to our collection of natural scented candles from "Un Soir à l'Opéra," offering you an olfactory journey to discover the scent that perfectly aligns with your preferences. Our aim is to make your olfactory experience as unique as you are.

THE MAGIC FLUTE - Floral Woody Musk
This olfactory family combines floral notes, typically rose in this case, with woody notes such as cedar and sandalwood, and musky notes to create a fragrance that is both floral, woody, and sensual. It is often associated with elegant, warm, and sophisticated scents, balancing the sweetness of flowers with the warmth and depth of woods and the sensuality of white musk.

THE BAYADERE - Spicy Woody
Fragrances in this family are often described as warm, earthy, spicy, and enticing. This combination creates a rich and complex sensory experience, balancing the warmth of spices with the depth of woody notes for a enveloping and captivating fragrance.

THE LOVE ELIXIR - Woody Spicy Aromatic
For a complex olfactory experience, balancing woody, spicy, and fresh elements. The romantic touch for a dinner for two.

ROMEO AND JULIET - Floral Oriental Woody
This family is characterized by scents that balance floral notes with woody notes, creating a complex and sensual olfactory experience. The romantic candle for Valentine's Day.

The combination of rose with citrus and eucalyptus notes creates a fresh, light, and floral fragrance, reminiscent of the nature and freshness of gardens.

DON GIOVANNI - Oriental Marine
Marine atmospheres combined with sensual and oriental notes create a fragrance that is both fresh and warm. For those with bold and assertive tastes.

CARMEN - Floral Oriental
Characterized by rich, complex, and warm scents that combine floral notes with oriental elements such as spices, resins, and woody notes. This combination creates a seductive and enveloping sensory experience. A perfume that captivates with its originality and the evocative power of its singular temperament.

SWAN LAKE - Floral Aquatic
Fragrances in this family incorporate aquatic elements, evoking the freshness of water. A favorite of ballet dancers for its delicate fragrance and the evocative name of Tchaikovsky's great ballet.

THE NUTCRACKER - Woody Spicy Gourmand
This olfactory family combines spicy notes like cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg with woody notes like pine. The addition of honey adds a touch of sweet warmth to the fragrance. Our Christmas scented candle.

The combination of sakura cherry blossom notes and verbena oil evokes a light and refreshing olfactory family characterized by scents that evoke light floral elements and vegetal notes. This fragrance spreads its tender cherry blossom scent supported by a gentle Verbena Oil.

LA BOHEME - The combination of ink, gouache, violet, and burnt wood notes does not fit into a traditional olfactory family, as it is rather unique and artistic. It evokes a creative and complex sensory experience but does not follow traditional olfactory categories like floral, woody, spicy, etc. This perfume will be a perfectly fitting gift to evoke Paris and the Latin Quarter.

MEDITATION - Woody Oriental
This olfactory family is characterized by rich and sensual notes associated with elements such as incense, resin, and wood, enchanting and sensual, evoking warm and mysterious atmospheres. Intended for anyone sensitive to the scent of pure incense.