The brand

The brand

Curtain rise on a new collection inspired by Opera and Ballet

Our brand is the marriage of two worlds: that of opera, ballet and music with that of fragrances and perfume. The inspiration for Un Soir à l’Opéra springs from the designer’s memories of joigning her mother, an opera singer, to the Paris Opera House, l’Opéra Garnier.

The emotion and fascination stirred by this magical place are an endless source of sensorial interpretation. Each opera and each ballet contain their own distinctive universe. They each have their own music, but they also have their own decors and colours, and, consequently, their own perfume.

Like musical notes that invisibly set about their aerial voyage, perfume takes us on a mysterious journey and then dissipates into the air. Every one of our fragrances is based on a masterpiece we have chosen to interpret.

We may use as inspiration the events that have transpired in a given place India at the time of the Maharajahs in the case of La Bayadère or, an inspirational olfactive moment may also be found in the elements of a libretto the thousand-year-old cedar from which the magic flute was sculpted...