How to have a good smell in your house?

How to have a good smell in your house?

There are different ways to scent your home.

Sprays are very effective for instantly perfuming a room. Choose natural or chemical-free scents.

Scented candles are also an excellent solution for spreading a pleasant odor in the house.

Finally, reed diffusers are the ideal solution for continuous and passive fragrance diffusion.

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How to create an olfactory ambiance?

Creating a harmonious and pleasant olfactory ambiance will help reflect your style and improve your well-being on a daily basis. Your space will be a welcoming and relaxing place for you and your guests.

First, choose the type of ambiance that suits you best:

Verbena, sandalwood, and incense scents help with relaxation.

Fresh scents like bergamot, lemon, peppermint, or orange, on the other hand, are energizing and dynamic.

For a comfortable and warm ambiance, choose fragrances like vanilla, cinnamon, or cedarwood.

Use energizing scents in the morning and relaxing scents in the evening to adapt the ambiance to your daily activities.

Place scented candles and reed diffusers in key areas such as the living room, bathroom, and bedroom for balanced fragrance diffusion.

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Should I change the olfactory ambiance throughout the year?

In spring and summer, use fresh and floral scents like citrusy notes such as bergamot, lemon, jasmine, or mint.

In autumn and winter, opt for warm and spicy scents like cinnamon, vanilla, or sandalwood and incense for a mystical and relaxing atmosphere.

How to freshen the air in your house?

Regularly air out your home by opening windows to allow fresh air to circulate.

Good ventilation helps eliminate stagnant odors.

Before guests arrive or when returning from vacation, for example, spray our Un Soir à l'Opéra home fragrances on your cushions, curtains, and sofas to instantly refresh the air in your home.