Why use a reed diffuser?

Why use a reed diffuser?

Unlike candles or sprays, reed diffusers provide a continuous release of fragrance. Once the reeds are immersed in the perfume, they absorb and slowly release the fragrance into the air, maintaining a pleasant scent without any intervention.

Reed diffusers do not require heat or flame to function, making them safer to use, especially around children and pets.

How to use a reed diffuser

Place the diffuser in an area where it can be appreciated, preferably in a location with some air circulation to help disperse the fragrance.

Avoid placing it near open windows, radiators, or fans, as this could cause the fragrance to evaporate too quickly.

Remove the cap and insert the reed sticks into the Un Soir à l’Opéra fragrance bottle. The more reeds you use, the stronger the fragrance will be.

How does a reed diffuser work?

The reeds will absorb the fragrance and begin to diffuse it into the air. This can take a few hours to a few days for the fragrance to fully spread throughout the room.

For a more intense fragrance, you can flip the reeds each week. This will allow the dry ends of the reeds to absorb the perfume and release more fragrance.

Where to place a diffuser for optimal fragrance diffusion?

Place the diffuser on a protected surface or use a coaster to prevent fragrance stains on furniture. Position the diffuser in an area where it can be enjoyed, preferably in a location with some air circulation to help disperse the fragrance.

How many reeds to use for your fragrance diffuser?

The number of rattan reeds to use in a fragrance diffuser depends on several factors, such as the size of the room, the desired intensity of the fragrance, and the concentration of the scented oil. 

In a small space, like a bathroom or small office:

3 to 5 reeds are usually enough to diffuse a moderate amount of fragrance.

In a medium space, like a bedroom or medium-sized living room:

6 to 8 reeds are effective for scenting the room adequately.

In a large space, like a living room or dining area:

8 to 12 reeds or more may be needed for adequate diffusion.

To increase the intensity, add more reeds. The more reeds you use, the faster and more intensely the fragrance will be diffused.

To decrease intensity, remove a few rattan reeds to reduce the diffusion of the fragrance.

Why Use Natural Rattan Reeds?

Natural rattan reeds are preferred for their effectiveness in absorbing and diffusing scented oils, their eco-friendliness, durability, and aesthetic appeal. They offer a superior fragrance diffusion experience and are more environmentally friendly.

Natural rattan has a porous structure that allows it to effectively absorb the scented oil and evenly diffuse it into the air, ensuring a continuous and stable release of the fragrance.

Furthermore, rattan is a renewable and biodegradable resource, making it an environmentally friendly option.

How to Use Fragrance Refills for Reed Diffusers

Once the oil is almost depleted, you can refill the bottle with new scented oil. The reeds should also be replaced when you change the oil, as they can become saturated and ineffective over time.

What to Do with Old Reed Sticks Once Replaced

Do not discard the reeds in nature or in areas where they could harm local wildlife and flora.

Reed sticks can be disposed of in the regular household trash.

If you have a garden, you can use the old reeds as stakes for small plants or cut them up and mix them into your mulch.

Ensure that the reeds are free from any residual scented oil.