How to Use a Home Fragrance in spray?

How to Use a Home Fragrance in spray?

Before using the spray, gently shake it to mix the fragrance components well.

To scent a room, hold the spray about 30 cm away and spray towards the center of the room or into the air for an even distribution.

Why Use a Home Fragrance in spray?

Home fragrance sprays are a practical, flexible, and effective solution for quickly refreshing your environment and creating a pleasant atmosphere in your home.

Sprays allow for instant fragrance in a room. They are perfect for quickly eliminating bad odors or adding a touch of freshness before guests arrive.

You can easily control the intensity of the fragrance by adjusting the number of sprays. This allows for customization of the fragrance level according to your preferences and the needs of the room.

Sprays are often compact and easy to carry. You can use them not only at home but also in your car, office, or while traveling.

Finally, unlike candles or incense, sprays do not require a flame or heat to function, making them safer, especially in environments where safety is a priority.

Where to Spray Home Fragrance?

Sprays can be used in various rooms and on different textiles, such as curtains, carpets, cushions, and even sheets. They offer a quick and convenient solution for refreshing many spaces.

If spraying on textiles or surfaces, test a small area first to avoid potential stains.

What to Do with Your Empty Home Fragrance Spray Bottle?

When you have finished your glass bottle, you can reuse it by refilling it with our fragrance refills.

Our refills are available in 180 ml or 500 ml. If you are a heavy fragrance user and have fallen in love with our scents, choose the 500 ml, which allows you to refill a 100 ml spray bottle five times and is by far the most economical solution!

However, if you wish to dispose of your home fragrance spray bottle, place the glass bottle in the glass recycling bin.

Ensure that the bottle is completely empty. If it still contains liquid, dispose of it responsibly, avoiding pouring it down drains or into waterways.