Legal notice

Legal notice

Designation :

UN SOIR A L'OPERA® S.A.S. is a simplified stock corporation under French law, with a capital of 1.500 euros, with head offices at 8 bis allée Maillasson - 92100 Boulogne Billancourt - France

R.C.S. NANTERRE 801 117 029

Intracommunity VAT Identification Number : FR 448 011 17 029

Publishing director and website manager for : Katia Gortchakoff Bigot

Credits :

Conception and design : Katia Gortchakoff & Sophie Berland

Photos Copyrights : all pictures presented on are
the property of UN SOIR A L'OPERA.

All the pictures presented on the Rodin website are the property of the Musée Rodin Paris. - See more at:
© Musée Rodin, photographers
© Musée Rodin, photographers
© Musée Rodin, photographers

Photographer : Jonathan W. van Hoorn

The name UN SOIR A L'OPERA® is a registred trademark (144058763 / 144117050)

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