Carmen - Cassie Flower and Tobacco leaves

A 100 ml home spray to use in your home, your office, but also on your fan, or your handkerchief or a love letter...

Our inspiration :
« I became drunk with its smell » - Don José

Olfactory score
Perfumer : Philippe Poissonnier

  • Cassie flower
  • Tobacco leaves
  • Orange flower
  • Jasmine

39,50 €

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Home perfume spray - glass bottle 100 ml

To spray throughout the house

Fragrance created by French perfumers

Take it with you when travelling

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Our preservative free Home Perfume Sprays are made in France. They are the perfect match with your favourite candle or home diffuser Un Soir à l'Opéra's fragrance. This very useful spray will fill your home with an original perfumed atmosphere.


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