Citrus Rose - Home reed diffuser

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The zesty and invigorating essence of petitgrain and bergamot, adds a vibrant and lively character to this home perfume. These notes represent the spirited and energetic nature of the opera's plot and characters.
The delicate and captivating fragrance of roses provides a romantic and sophisticated touch. Roses symbolize love, passion, and the intricate relationships depicted in this famous Mozart's opera.

Thanks to its natural rattan marrow , the fragrance is diffused by capillarity in your room to create a subtle and delicate olfactory ambience. The fragrance evaporates smoothly during three months. Do not forget to return the stems regularly for a more intense diffusion.

A thoughtful gift for someone special:

  • Music and Opera Enthusiasts: Individuals who appreciate the beauty of classical music, particularly those captivated by Mozart's compositions and "The Marriage of Figaro."
  • Home Decor Enthusiasts: People who enjoy adding artistic and fragrant elements to their living spaces, enhancing the ambiance and creating a cozy environment.

Capacity 6 oz

Flip Reeds Every 1-2 Weeks

Natural Rattan Reeds absorb the perfume, releasing it slowly through your room.

To intensify fragrance, invert reeds once a week. Usually lasts 2-3 months but there are many factors that determine how long your home reed diffuser can last, including air conditioning, humidity, heating, direct sunlight, the width and length of the reeds.

The reed diffuser sticks can be flipped when you want an extra burst of fragrance or when you notice there is no scent. Do not ingest the perfume. Do not light reeds. Keep out of reach from children and pets.

Some fragrances may cause the diffuser base to turn cloudy. This is sometimes caused by the natural materials in the fragrance we use.

Olfactive Score :

  • Top: Bergamot, petitgrain, Eucalyptus,
  • Middle: Rose, Cistus
  • Base: Spanish Cyprus, Amber Cedar

Perfumer : Philippe Poissonnier


"The Marriage of Figaro" is a comedic opera composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It premiered in 1786 and has since become one of Mozart's most renowned works. The opera tells the story of love, betrayal, and mistaken identities, filled with lively music and captivating characters. "The Marriage of Figaro" is known for its energetic and joyful compositions.

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