Our Fragrances

Our Fragrances

Of our five senses, only the sense of smell is directly linked, through olfactory receptors, to our emotional brain, which is why it is often difficult to express in words the emotions we feel when we smell a particular odour. Creating perfume is intricate work, which is why we call on master perfumers who are chosen for their professional expertise.

The master perfumer, through his talent, passion and contribution to the olfactive research conducted on the works that we interpret, is able to create a unique fragrance that will delight the lovers of exquisite fragrances.

9 home fragrance created by French perfumers for our brand:

  Perfumes created by Emmanuel Philip – PCA

  • Swan Lake - Undergrowth White flower
  • La Bayadère – Indian Sandalwood
  • Romeo and Juliet  – Night Jasmine
  • Nutcracker – Spruce and Gingerbread
  • The Magic flute – Red cedar and Rose Otto

 Perfumes created by Philippe Poissonnier

  • Madame Butterfly – Verbena oil and Sakura cherry tree
  • Don Giovanni – Incense from Venice
  • Carmen – Tobacco leaves, Cassie flower

Perfume created bySarah Burri – Cinquième Sens

  • Elixir of Love – Infusion of spices, teardrop of Tea