Fireplace - Scented candle white glass

41,58 €

180 gr 1 kg 550 gr ivory 180 gr

100 % natural vegetable wax - made in France.

Inspired by Puccini's La Bohème.
Our new scented candle alternately summons the scents of burnt wood in the fireplace of a Parisian attic room, ink and oil paint by artists from the Latin Quarter.​

Dimensions: 9cm x 6,5cm

Olfactive Score :

  • Fireplace
  • ink,
  • gouache,
  • violet,
  • patchouli

Perfumer : Philippe Poissonnier


The spirit of Bohemian life spreads through the Latin Quarter where artists, painters, penniless poets and writers live off their passion hoping for glory.
This perfume summons in turn the scents of burnt wood in the fireplace of an attic room, the ink of the poet, the gouache of the painter while a sprig of Violette recalls the sweet Mimi.

The 100% vegetable wax is sensitive, it can sometimes present slight imperfections on the surface which do not affect the quality of the perfumes or the good burning quality once your candle is lit.

The raw materials of our perfumes are precious, in order to preserve all their quality and not to damage them, we have chosen not to carry out the finishing surfacing of the wax, a process which certainly provides a more aesthetic finish but which burns. and alters the scent of the candle by a second heating process.

In order to preserve 100% of the olfactory quality of your candle, our master wax maker pours our candles by hand, taking care to respect an ideal temperature throughout his work.


  • Wax : 100 % vegetable wax
  • Candle flame time : 45 hours of olfactive pleasure
  • Net Wt: 6.30 oz
  • Perfumes from Grasse - Made in France
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