The Salon of Rejects - Our Imperfect Candles

The idea behind "The Salon of Rejects" is to present you some products that might not meet our strict quality standards. The imperfections on the surface of a candle can sometimes occur during the manufacturing process of our candles.

While we strive to maintain high-quality standards, there may be occasional variations or small blemishes. However, we want to emphasize that these imperfections do not in any way affect the functionality or burning experience of the candle. We work with a glass craftsman who blows the glasses of our large XL candles and an irregularity in size can sometimes occur, forcing us to put them aside.

Instead of discarding these products, we are happy to offer them for purchase at a reduced price.

As we are committed to sustainable development, it also helps reduce waste and promotes sustainability by giving imperfect products a chance to be used and appreciated for their amazing home perfumes.

We have therefore decided to open this section in order to offer you a discount on these products which have small imperfections