• The Sources of Inspiration

    The Sources of Inspiration

    The curtain rises on a new collection inspired by Opera and Ballet.

    The Un Soir à l’Opéra - An Evening at the Opera - signature brand is the marriage of two worlds, that of Opera, Ballet and music with that of fragrances and perfumes.

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  • The Sources of Inspiration
  • The Fragrances

    The Fragrances

    The Olfactive Symphony – Composition for Organ

    Un Soir à l’Opéra is an invitation to prolong the magic of rare moments through scented candles just as the fragrance of an opera lingers in the air, in arabesques of scents that form the memory of precious moments. Every fragrance in the collection is a homage to a repertory work.

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  • How the candles are made

    How the candles are made

    Wax and wick: the perfect match

    To create a moment of personal intense emotion, we pay particular attention to the manufacturing process used for our scented candles. To fill your home with refined and original fragrances, our candlemaker ascertains that the wax and the wick are in perfect harmony.

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