For the past year, we have been looking for a project that would give us the opportunity to bring more sense to our activity and to make a concrete commitment to a cause close to our hearts.

Very quickly we met the non-profit organization WHAT DANCE CAN DO and we immediately wanted to join their adventure in our own way, convinced by their approach to children.

Their action was a real source of inspiration to create two new fragrances.

Today, we are proud to support WHAT DANCE CAN DO non-profit organization with the LA BELLE DANCE collection by donating one euro for each candle sold.


WHAT DANCE CAN DO is a non-profit organisation which has been registered in France and Switzerland since 2018.

They have been active on three continents.

Our team of passionate volunteers believe dance changes lives and that all children should have access to music and to dance. Therefore, our mission is to contribute to the well-being, empowerment and resilience of children and young adults by giving them access to dance programs and events.

Dancing makes children stronger. It gives a toolkit for life to kids made vulnerable by poverty, illness, or exile, developing skills and traits that will be key to their future development, academic and professional success like confidence, coordination, memorisation, and concentration.

Thanks to the internationally recognised professional dancers and choreographers they partner with as well as their local teams, they have organised workshops and events for over 300 children and young adults who otherwise have no easy access to dance classes or shows.

To support their actions, learn more about the association, the team, and the dancers that support them :