LA BAYADERE - 2015 Collection

Sandalwood Candle

La Bayadère is a sumptuous and captivating candle, drawing its inspiration from the 19th century India where the ballet unfolds.

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Create a luxurious aromatic ambiance with La Bayadère Candle

Our candles are made with the finest materials to provide you with fifty hours of olfactive pleasure. They are respectful of French tradition and are made with great care to provide you a high-quality finished product.

Candle warning: To keep your candle fragrance smelling nice and fresh and looking clean keep the wick trimmed to 5mm every time you burn it.

  • Candle flame time : 40 hours of olfactive pleasure
  • Dimensions: W7,5 cm x H9 cm
  • Net Wt: 6.50 oz
  • Made in France
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